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In the digital age this is how Bloom’s Taxonomy can look.

Bloom’s and Revised Bloom’s give us a learning process.

  • Before you can understand a concept or fact you must remember it,
  • To apply a concept you must understand it first,
  • To evaluate a process you must have analyzed it etc.Each layer builds on the previous The creative process naturally incorporates these elements. You must remember (even if you are learning as you go), understand and apply these principles and concepts, analyze and evaluate the success of your design, the process and concept.

However, we don’t need to start at lower order skills and then build piecemeal through the taxonomy towards higher order thinking like creativity. By providing a suitably scaffolded task, the lower order skills of remembering and understanding become inherent in the learning process. By challenging our students to be analytical, evaluative or creative, they will within these processes develop understanding.

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